A Graph Editor in JavaFX

Another thing we’ve been working on is going to see the light of day soon: a graph editor for JavaFX. The current beta version provides the following main features:

  • create draggable, resizable nodes and connections between them
  • add multiple input or output connectors to a node
  • create joints inside a connection
  • add custom skins for nodes, connections, connectors, and joints
  • enhanced user experience through comprehensive styling during drag-and-drop actions

Internally, we use an EMF model to represent the UI objects and their state. The model is in sync with the UI at all times.

Here’s a short video of our current development version:


17 thoughts on “A Graph Editor in JavaFX

    • Great news! Thanks so much for releasing this. It’s a much needed addition to the JavaFX ecosystem. I have yet to explore the code in detail and I realize that it has some fairly deep connection with EMF but I was wondering what the effort might be involved with using POJOs as a backing user data model instead. Just a thought from those of us not steeped in Eclipse. Thanks again for great work!

      • Replacing the EMF dependencies with simple POJOs is not particularly trivial. In principle you could fork the repo and replace the model classes like GNode, GConnector etc with your own POJOs. But you would lose the undo / redo functionality because it’s implemented using EMF-Commands.

        But just to be clear, you don’t need to develop in Eclipse or have an in-depth understanding of EMF to use the graph editor. See how you go with this tutorial:


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